Swiss Microtubes | high precision tubes microtuning | Made in Switzerland

Our tubes are used in a wide range of applications, including medical devices, pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment, food processing systems, instrumentation. Wherever precision and consistency are essential.

Together we will develop the appropriate solution for your needs, - no requirements are too exacting!
In short, Swiss MicroTubes is your reference for any kind of tube and micro tuning releted.
We understand how important it is to deliver reliable components on time and within budget, without fail.

Our expertise and passion is processing metal tubes, (especially thin wall) for high performance applications, from hypodermic needles and cannulas, to components used in food processing.

We offer excellent cost-effectiveness whether your order is for 5 pieces or several million pieces.

Process available:

• Precision Cutting
• Drilling
• Bending
• De-burring
• Wire Cutting
• Punching
• Reducing
• Slotting
• Expanding
• Swaging
• Beading
• Rivets
• Laser Processing

Materials available:

• Stainless Steel
• Nickel
• Titanium
• Precious Met
• Copper
• Brass


From 0,5 mm to 25,00 mm

Wall Thickness

From 0,05 mm to 2,00 mm
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